Supporting the Animals

Each year, Gathering Thunder Foundation brings provisions of food for the many animals that live on Pine Ridge Reservation as well as to local elders in the West Michigan area.  Whether they are homeless, or living in a loving home without enough food, Gathering Thunder is dedicated to helping all of Creators children ... the two legged, four legged, winged ones, creepy crawlies, scaly ones.

Additionally, Gathering Thunder is honored to be an official protector of and financial supporter of mustang and Choctaw ponies at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.  Visit them at

Mitakuye Oyasin!

We support the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Visit them at


Gathering Thunder Foundation is pleased to support the great team at the Oglala Pet Project in South Dakota. Like Gathering Thunder, OPP is a 100% Volunteer driven, community-based nonprofit charity:

"Oglala Pet Project (OPP) is a 100% volunteer driven, community based 501(c)3 non-profit organization located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Despite daily life struggles, the Oglala people have a tremendous spirit for all animals. OPP was founded to help community members care for their animals and improve the quality of life for pets through education, spay/neuter support, pet health resources, and the re-homing or networking of abandoned, abused or unwanted pets on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Our work would not be possible without the volunteers who live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the support of individuals and organizations off the reservation. Working together we can make a difference."

Visit them at:

Message from Phillip Whiteman, Jr.

Greetings Friends and Relatives; 
We are asking for your help, our beloved Relative, Sioux Boy (Paint Stallion) had an accident and has a major injury to his leg. The veterinarian informed us he has to have surgery or be "put down". Sioux Boy has traveled the country with Phillip sharing , and demonstrating the Medicine Wheel Model, Beyond Horsemanship (a holistic equine wellness model) and bringing healing to children and people everywhere. Many of you know Sioux Boy and have witnessed his "horse medicine". 

Given the options, there really is no question, We have to Save Sioux Boy and get the surgery immediately. He is scheduled for surgery on December 16th, 2016.  After surgery he will have a long stay at the veterinarians with a cast. 

Sioux Boy came from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, he came to Phillip at a time when they both needed healing. Their spirits bonded and we began to share his healing powers with people everywhere. He is special, and has more work to do. Our Indigenous people believe that horses have healing powers and absorb the sickness, negative energy or even death spirit that may be coming. They sacrifice themselves and put themselves in front of this energy to protect the human relative.

This comes at a difficult time for us, We are asking for your help. We have to do what we can to save Sioux Boy. Your contribution is so greatly valued. During this time we need the good energy of his horse spirit to help all of us.

Nea' ese (Cheyenne)
Wopila (Lakota)
A deep heartfelt thank you.
Phillip Whiteman, Jr.
Lynette Two Bulls