Drum A Thon

The Sacred Fire will be lit on March 26th at Sunrise...and will continue to Burn until Sunrise on March 27th for the 24 Hour Drum-a-Thon 2016 Drumming for Peace and the Preservation of Native America.

Whether you own a hand drum, conga drum, community drum, steel drum, bongo drum, goblet drum or an old fashioned coffee can or rain barrel, Gathering Thunder Foundation invites you to join in unison with drummers from all over Grandmother Earth to help us keep a steady summer solstice heart beat for peace and to benefit the vital programs of Gathering Thunder Foundation. Feel free to share photos or videos of your or your group drumming, on our Facebook page:  


   At Gathering Thunder Foundation, 100% of proceeds that are gathered and donated go directly to fund our many vital programs which are designed to preserve the culture, languages, spirituality, and the People of Native North America.  Each registered drummer will also receive a beautiful Drum-a-Thon T-shirt, designed by artists Nikki Jorgensen and David Fix.  Each drummer is asked to spend 30 minutes in heart centered drumming during this 24 hour period of time and asked to gather donation sponsors. 

To become an official sponsor of this event and have your company name, your personal name or an in-memoriam listed on the back of each t-shirt, you are welcome to do so by donating $25 to underwrite the cost of creating the t-shirts.  Payment for t-shirt sponsorship(s) may be made using the button below or by check/money order to:  Gathering Thunder Foundation c/o Drum-a-Thon T-shirt Sponsor, 12841 Hillcrest, Lowell MI49331.  Be sure to include the way you would like your sponsorship to be listed on the t-shirt.  Sponsorship deadline is February 26, 2016.

Does your heart call you to be a Drum-a-Thon Drummer? Please email Denise Iwaniw at Denise@Templewithin.com to receive your official Drum-a-Thon sponsorship form. You will receive a free t-shirt as a thank you for helping us raise funds for our programs.  Monetary donations must be turned in to Gathering Thunder Foundation by March 16, 2016 using the button below or by check/money order to:  Gathering Thunder Foundation c/o Drum-a-Thon Donation, 12841 Hillcrest, Lowell MI49331.

Lowell, Michigan U.S.A., is the home of Gathering Thunder Foundation and it is where the sacred fire will burn from sunrise on March 26th (6:05 a.m. EST) until sunrise on March 27th (6:06 a.m. EST).