Newsletter Fall 2018

Celebrating 10 Years of Preserving Native America

Since its inception in 2006 and incorporation as a non-profit, all-volunteer organization in 2009, Gathering Thunder Foundation has been honored to assist thousands of Native American youth, elders and families all across Native North America.  From language preservation programs, sponsorships of youth crisis centers, suicide prevention programs, healing ceremonies, youth sports, memorial rides and runs, quilts and blankets for elders and babies, pow wows and sobriety programs to back to school assistance, utility and wood stove assistance for elders, animal assistance and infant car seat programs, (just to name a few) Gathering Thunder has been a proud sponsor and supporter of vital programs designed to keep the beauty of Native American culture, language, spirituality, customs and People alive and well.

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A great big, "Thank YOU!" goes out to our 10th Anniversary T-Shirt sponsors:

Clear Path Food Sales Agency and Valeri Chumney
Betty and Jeff Davis 
Holly Hagen in Honor of the Wild Horses 
Janice Francisco, Spiritual Director
Pamela and Robert Hemmes, Counter Point 
In Loving Memory of Obediah Spencer 
In Loving Memory of Sandra Holt 
Soul Awakenings and Sandra Harrick 
Dellmarie Bradfield in Support of Gather Our Children Home 
Charlie and Susan Schweifler Stark
Kathy Schermerhorn at Kathy's Sewing 
La Familia Cosme'-Vasquez 
Temple Within Travels
Cynthia Jones at CJ's Studio Salon 
Heart-full ART Studio, Nikki Jorgensen 
Jane Butler in Memory of James Michael Butler 
Patricia Fox at The Healing Arts of the Andovers
Brenda and Tom Bremer and T.E. Masonry, Inc.
Nicole Lefanty Fix at Eastern Door Counseling 
Laura Smith in Loving Memory of Bob and Nancy Grossman 
The Temple Within LLC
The Mystic's Heart 
The Wink Family Kimberly Ratliff Wink
The Ratliff Family 
Serenity's Path, Tracey Sivek 
MRAJ WOODS Jesus and Becka Mata in Memory of Charlie Brock