Gathering Thunder Foundation is a 100% volunteer operated non-profit, dedicated to the preservation of Native American culture, customs, spirituality and language.  In addition to this endeavor, we strive to help provide funds for food, propane, electricity, wood supplies, education, clothing and hope for our Native American brothers and sisters all across Turtle Island (North America), who are in need.


What started in 2006 as an informal network of friends and families coming together in support of Lakota families in need, has since expanded to officially become The Gathering Thunder Foundation. 2009 marked the official 501(c)(3) non-profit status for The Gathering Thunder Foundation, located in Lowell, MI. 


Our vision is to expand outward to other tribal reservations in need of community help and support. Through the dedication and generosity of many volunteers working with tribal community leaders, a variety of programs and fund raising efforts continue to be implemented, all of which support the mission of The Gathering Thunder Foundation.  It is with deep gratitude that we thank our supporters and generous contributors.

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